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The Board of Directors has decided that all dues are to be in an officers’ hand by March 31st of each year, like our bylaws state. In the past members were given a little leeway, and the board accepted dues that were postmarked on March 31st. Because of the inconsistency with USPS, and the need for the board to be able to draw for new members in a timelier manner, all dues must be in an officers’ hand by March 31st of each year. If they are not in the hands of an officer, your membership will be lost.

2022 Membership Dues Structure

Regular Club Dues $100.00

Work Day Fee $75.00

2nd Work Day Fee $75.00

Extra Auto Decals $1.00 

Additional Keys $5.00

Boat/Camper/Tent Sticker $1.00

R/V Camping Sticker $75.00 ($10 from every sticker sold to be put into camping fund for future repairs and expansion)

*Charter, 30-year members and comp members only have to pay $10 for their annual membership and are not subject to a Work Day fee. All other fees are the same.  Dues are payable January 1, 2022. To get a recommendation card, you must have your dues paid by March 15, 2022. To keep your membership, your dues must be in the hands of a board member by March 31, 2022. This also applies to the recommendation cards. DO NOT FOLD YOUR RECOMMENDATION CARD. 

Please make check payable to Little John Conservation Club and mail to:
Little John Conservation Club
P.O. Box 113
Victoria, IL. 61485.

Email if you want to pay by debit or credit